Stathis Georgatsos

I designed this OTE DOUBLE PLAY concept following the Creative team's guidelines. I modeled all components and rendered all visuals needed for presentation purposes.
via Ogilvy Action
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Exhibition Stands
pharmaceutical exhibition stands
Pharmaceuticals always seem to be present in conventions everywhere. Good, because that gives me a chance for some interesting designs.
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Video game launch promos
3d playstation 3 games
From PS3 to Wii, these titles turned into a day1 purchase after visitors got to experience them first hand.
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OTE TV indoor setup
setup mall athens
Telephone, internet and TV.
All layed out in a 50m² area for a hands-on experience, within budget!
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3E booth
3d coca cola booth
The Coca Cola Company and Amita share 17m² during the nutritional conference @Hilton.
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