Sanofi Sales Formula1
formula 1 sales incentive
Sales incentive program.
12 fully animated races in actual F1 circuits around the world. Who will win the price at the end of the season?
| animation | graphics |
crossfit isometric chat
An isometric chat for crossfitters where they can chat, show off their attire and play WOD themed flash games.
Like being in a real crossfit box.
| graphics |
Exhibition Stands
pharmaceutical exhibition stands
Pharmaceuticals always seem to be present in conventions everywhere. Good, because that gives me a chance for some interesting designs.
| setup |
Microsoft conf. in Athens
microsoft conference athens
With Bill Gates as a keynote speaker, you can't really work on a conference with a higher profile than this.
| conference |
Coca Cola Xmas Roadshow
coca cola roadshow xmass athens
If you lived in any of the 48 Greek cities of the tour, you had a chance to sing your favorite Xmas songs in this themed truck's build-in karaoke studio.
| roadshow |
Abbott POP
abbott point of purchase
Abbott needed a POP display for their diabetes meter. These low cost designs supported their goal to stand out from other displays in pharmacies.
| POP |
3d athlopolis olympics
The olympic values roadshow that toured Greece during the Olympics.
Awarded with ERMIS bronze for event management.
| roadshow |
Video game launch promos
playstation 3 games
From PS3 to Wii, these titles turned into a day1 purchase after visitors got to experience them first hand.
| setup |
Bender from futurama
3d bender futurama
Fan art of the show's character.
Made as entry for CGSociety's Hardcore Modeling Challenge

| personal |
Vodafone on the road
vodafone on the road
You've already seen these vans parked at your town square as they've been touring around Greece for the cellphone ID program for some time now.
| roadshow |
AIA airline awards 2011
AIA airline awards
Athens International Airport awards the best airlines in this toyroom themed conference surrounded by magical aura.
| 2D | conference |
3d modeling orthos
3D rendition of a character based on orthographic views.

| various |
OTEfon (OTE My WiFi)
otefon volos
Experience going outside while staying connected to your wi-fi network with this modified tour bus.
It's like you never left home!
| event |
Greek Shipping Awards 2012
lloyds list
Through this series of projected stills we discover that Lloyd's list is everywhere. You just have to know where to look.
| graphics |
Agios Stefanos train station
ose 3d agios stefanos
Taking the train station located at the north part of Attica for a full makeover, with a series of 3D visuals to support that.
| various |
3E booth
coca cola booth
The Coca Cola Company and Amita share 17m² during the nutritional conference @Hilton.
| setup |
OTE TV indoor setup
ote tv mall athens
Telephone, internet and TV.
All layed out in a 50m² area for a hands-on experience, within budget!
| setup |
Cosmote CSR
cosmote CSR event
Protecting kids and adults from online hazards.
Corporate Social Responsibility has always been a major part in Cosmote's agenda.
| event |
Metal charms
metal castings
Designed to bring you good luck.

| various |
Iron Man
3d iron man
Fan art of Marvel's famous character... and a collectible bust that would look great on my desk.
| personal |
Sueño accessories
sueno logo
Logo and visit cards.
Sueño in Spanish means 'dream' BTW

| 2D |
Durex Play Town
isometric chat durex
The isometric chat that runs within facebook. The perfect place to chat and play games while upgrading your avatar and personal space.
| graphics |


Stathis Georgatsos